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VINARE celebrated its 29th anniversary

On the morning of September 27th, Vietnam National Reinsurance Corporation (VINARE) commemorated its 29th anniversary. The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Mai Xuan Dung, Chief Executive Officer, members of the Board of Management, the entire workforce of VINARE, and notably, the attendance of retired former VINARE leaders.

Inaugurating the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, shared a comprehensive overview of VINARE’s commendable accomplishments in its business endeavors throughout the years. These achievements have not only been realized in the first half of 2023 but have also manifested consistently over the past three years, surpassing the year targets. This success has been achieved through the unity of shareholders, the continuous coordination and guidance between the Board of Directors and the Board of Management, as well as the efforts of all VINARE employees, ensuring the sustainable development of VINARE.

As a leading reinsurance enterprise in the market, VINARE consistently adheres to proper governance in accordance with legal regulations. A multitude of pivotal internal regulations have been revised to align with the burgeoning demands of its business. These encompass guidelines concerning investments, financial adjustments, planning procedures, appointments, reappointments, dismissals, and resignations pertaining to the authorities vested in the Board of Directors and the CEO. Furthermore, meticulous protocols have been established for the generation of transactional documentation, management practices, the utilization of digital signatures, in addition to the formulation of a Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics.

Additionally, over the past years, VINARE has established an Internal Audit department and secured the appointed actuary. Significantly, considerable emphasis has also been directed towards the augmentation of labor policies and the refinement of associated mechanisms, all aimed at fostering an environment wherein employees may work with a heightened sense of security and tranquility.

“Looking back over the past 3 years, VINARE has been moving in the right direction. We have consistently pursued development and explored numerous services to engage with both the domestic and international markets. These accomplishments have been realized in a landscape where our ratings have remained consistently high and unaltered, a testament to the dedicated endeavors of our workforce and the robust support extended by our collaborative partners, underpinned by the principles of mutual benefit and sustainability. VINARE will seize every opportunity to achieve even stronger growth, always looking forward to efficient growth, sustainable development, expanding our reach, and asserting our position in the international market. Above all, the perspective of sustainable development always requires unity, mutual effort, and support,” shared Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors”.

Over the course of its 29-year history of establishment and evolution, VINARE’s stature and reputation have continued to concretize. In the eyes of international friends as well as domestic partners, VINARE is seen as a well-organized, professional enterprise with a distinct voice in the insurance market. As one of the leading reinsurers in the region, VINARE will continue to enhance its capacity to provide value-added services to the market, such as risk management, training, products, reinsurance programs, and sustainable development solutions.

“VINARE will always maintain internal unity and adhere to the directions set forth by previous generations to further its development towards even greater success as it approaches its 30th anniversary.” emphasized Mr. Mai Xuan Dung, VINARE’s General Director.

During the ceremony, Mr. Le Song Lai, Former Chairman of VINARE’s Board of Directors and former Deputy General Director of SCIC, extended his felicitations to VINARE on its 29th anniversary.

“I am delighted to have the privilege to visit VINARE and bear witness to its continuous growth and manifold accomplishments over the past three years. I earnestly hope that the leaders at VINARE will strategically formulate plans to not only fortify its position and reputation within the domestic landscape but also to bolster its presence and image on the international stage.” conveyed Mr. Le Song Lai.

Additionally, Mr. Trinh Quang Tuyen, the former Chairman of VINARE’s Board of Directors, also offered his reflections on the achievements that VINARE has garnered in recent times.

“We are very excited and overjoyed. The first thing that brings joy is the internal unity within the company, between the leaders and the employees. It is through this unity that we can fulfill our mission in the current challenging market conditions. Furthermore, the company’s business results have consistently grown in recent years. VINARE has strengthened its domestic partnerships while also expanding its services internationally. VINARE’s employees should continue to work together under the leadership of the Board of Management to maintain great business results and efficiency, while fostering unity to further develop VINARE,” Mr. Trinh Quang Tuyen shared.

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