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VINARE is honored as one of the TOP Strong Brands for Sustainable Development in 2022-2023

On the 6th of October 2023, the Vietnam Economic Times, also recognized as VnEconomy, organized a commemorative event marking the two-decade milestone of the Strong Vietnam Brand Program (2003-2023). The event organizers unveiled and celebrated the selection of the TOP 10 – TOP 50 Strong Vietnam Brands for the fiscal year 2022-2023. VINARE, a leading reinsurer in Vietnam that plays a pivotal role in connecting domestic insurance companies with international reinsurers, was honored as one of the TOP Strong Brands for Sustainable Development in 2022-2023.

Reflecting upon the fiscal year 2022 and the initial half of 2023, despite the market’s persistent challenges and difficulties, VINARE has achieved continuous improvements in its business results. This progress was achieved through strict compliance with underwriting discipline, the introduction of new services, and collaboration with international partners, leading to sustainable growth that exceeded the set targets.

In the year 2022, VINARE distinguished itself as the pioneer within the Vietnamese insurance sector by successfully formulating and gaining approval for a sustainable development roadmap and strategy aligned with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles. VINARE clearly recognizes its role as not only providing value-added services to customers, focusing on profitability, and optimizing returns but also actively participating in environmental protection and community development initiatives. The company is committed to contributing towards Vietnam’s net-zero emissions target by 2030. Thus, better management of ESG issues will create a VINARE picture with a long-term sustainable development plan, positive and proactive in promoting an inclusive and highly resilient society.

Over its 29 years of establishment and development, VINARE has consistently achieved outstanding accomplishments in business activities and has been honored with prestigious awards from the State, Government, and Ministry of Finance. VINARE has become a leading reinsurance company in the Vietnamese market, known for its sustainable growth, strong financial position, and extensive cooperation with the domestic, regional, and international insurance markets.

The Strong Vietnam Brand Program is the largest annual event organized by the Vietnam Economic Times (VnEconomy) – Vietnam Economic Times, initiated in 2003 and continuously maintained to this day. Over the course of 20 years, this program has played a vital role in shaping and developing a community of strong Vietnamese brands across various industries and economic sectors. The brands recognized, surveyed, announced, and honored each year are those that have demonstrated outstanding performance in production and business operations, innovation, and the application of advanced science and technology. They also create breakthrough efficiency in the value chain of production, business, and product/service commerce. These pioneering brands commit to and implement action plans for sustainable development, environmental improvement, climate change mitigation, and the pursuit of Vietnam’s net-zero commitment. Additionally, they enhance policies related to workers and communities. In addition to honoring the TOP Strong Brands for Sustainable Development in 2022-2023, this event also recognizes businesses in various categories, including the TOP 10 Strong Brands of 2022-2023, TOP 10 Strong Brands for Excellent Business in 2022-2023, TOP 10 Strong Brands with Impressive Growth in 2022-2023, TOP 10 Strong Brands for Pioneering Innovation in 2022-2023, and TOP 10 Strong Brands for Green Growth in 2022-2023. The event is attended by government leaders, heads of ministries and agencies, leaders of associations, domestic and international economic experts, and nearly 300 CEOs of Strong Vietnam Brands from across the country.

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